Somerset Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers

Fleece Fair 2021

Fleece Fair 2021 

The Fleece Fair will take place on Saturday, 21st August 2021 
from 10 am to 2 pm

Mandy and her team are working hard to produce a very good display.  It has been requested that the details of sellers are kept on the website.  The quality of the fleece is super and the prices are very competitive.

All enquiries to Mandy Stead

Tel.  0146030237  


Unique Gotland/polled Dorset shearling fleece

Beautiful and unique, Poll Dorset x Gotland shearling fleeces. Sooo soft. Has the Gotland shine and length and the  Poll Dorset colour and bounce. Looks lovely when washed.  Can post at buyers cost. £15 each.

If interested please contact –






Gotland Fleece

Variety of Gotland fleeces. All have been well skirted so the fleece you get it uniformed in quality and fingers crossed no waste. All have been washed in hot water, but some lanolin left in and still in their ringlets. Happy to post at buyers cost.

Weights and prices as follows

Tufties Upto 8” long            1kg @ £20

            750g@ £15


Heidi Upto 5” long



6” mix 35g @£2

4” Ewe washed fleece

Hillary 1.3kg@£10


Heidi 1.1kg@£10

Ideal for felting or seconds for spinning

Winter cut 4” long £2

165g £2

50g £1

200g £2

If interested please contact –

Poll Dorset fleeces

Beautiful bouncy near white.  Good uniform quality. Have been very well skirted.

Click and collect

Unwashed  whole fleeces 2kg or more ,£10

Unwashed fleece under 2kg £15 including p&p

Washed (but will need washing again once processed) £10 per kg can post at buyers cost

Also first wash, washed white alpaca

£2/100g plus p&p

 Emma Kingston <>

Soay Fleece

Fleeces from the Paintmoor Flock of Soay Sheep


Eight brown fleeces and one light coloured fleece available




Weight range between 100g and 650g, prices from £1.10 to £8.50

Please contact Diane Colthorpe for more information




Alpaca Fleeces and Yarns

Fawn , white and some baby black alpaca fleece for sale –  £4,00 per 100g. 
 A variety of natural and hand dyed yarns for sale.
For details  or to reserve or order please contact Jean Field
Phone. 07710227280

David and Lyn Prouse  Romney Fleece

White                   £10.00
Coloured  grey    £12.00
Will have some lambs. As yet unshorn,  so more details to follow
Russian       £10.00 . Fine fibre, French origin 
Or phone    01288341311

Jacob and Zwartbles

Jacobs, mix of colour            £10.00
Zwartbles dark brown          £12.00
Half Zwartbles                       £6.00
Jacob rovings  . Mill prepared  white 100g   £3.00
                                                       Grey   100g   £3.00
Contact Mandy Stead

Tel.  0146030237  


Alpaca Roving

Mid brown, beige and a mix or fawn/beige/rose grey alpaca roving  £3.50 per 50g plus post and packing or collect from me.

 Lorna Conway

email –

 Shetland Fleece

Shetland fleeces of many colours, sizes and staple length available.  
Prices between £6. And £12 
If interested please make direct contact. 
Jean Ayres   Email:
Tel. 01308897770

Portland fleeces 

Jo Stover (contact of Norma Sanders) Portland fleeces for £8.00
Collection from her,  or posted if necessary.
If interested please contact –

Julie Bailey fleeces

Oxford fleeces £8 





Suffolk fleeces £8   





Gotland x Oxford Fleece £ 9 

or two fleeces, either Oxford or Suffolk or one of each £15                           

There are a few Oxford and Suffolk 2019 fleeces, all dry and kept aired for £5 each 

Can be posted at buyers cost or collected from Pilton
Contact details:
 Cash, Bank transfer, paypal, card on the day 

White Wensleydale fleece.

Long and curly staple
Whole fleece £25.00
Half    fleece £12.50
400g in bag  £5.00
200g in bag  £2.50  
For details, or to reserve or buy
Please contact Mandy stead
Phone: 0146030237

Mohair Fleece and locks

£10 per 500g of unwashed sorted mohair
£2 per 10g, colours as shown. 
Contact by email or text message – 

Merino  cross fleeces for sale

Merino crossed with Exmoor Horn (2/3or 1/2 Merino) or some Merino x Romney.  No prices available.

Shetland fleece

8 Shetland fleeces  £6. to be selected, collected from Wincanton area.


mobile number : 07749 899094


Tracey Bartlett

Tracey is a textile and felt artist specialising in handcrafted wearables, items for the home, and kits you can use to have a go yourself! All her work is created using combinations of felt and embroidery techniques, resulting in unique pieces of art.

She sources her raw materials locally, prepares and dyes them ready for use.

At this years Somerset Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers Guild Fleece fair. Tracey will have a selection of her Wet Felting kits, Needle felting kits and tools, Hand dyed wool roving, knitting yarn, wool and Mohair locks, and other hand dyed fibres. Also hand carded and blended batts and rolags, natural coloured wool locks, As well as drop spindle kits.