Somerset Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers

For Sale

This page is available for anyone to offer items for sale. If your sale is successful we do ask for a donation of 10% of the sale price to be sent to the Guild Secretary whose contact details are on the contact page.

Brother KR850 Ribber

Bought new, only used twice.

Includes spare needles, instruction book plus other relevant books

Brother KRC900 Double Bed Colour Changer                                

Bought second hand, never used, but looks complete

Price:£100 for both

Could arrange delivery if not too far

Contact: Fay Wilks

Tel: 01458 253311 (Somerton)

Various Items

Wooden bead car seat cover (suitable for a felting wool on – or taking
apart and using the beads)                                                                                                £5.00

Weighing Scales (as new) £12 to buy retail
Ideal for weighing tops or rug wool oz and gms                                                                £5.00                                                                                 
2 X 25mm Giant Needles (use for lace knitting or broomstick crochet)                             £2.00 each

Assorted Dryad leaflets x 5                                                                                                     50p each

2 X Large Wooden Bobbins                                                                                               £2.00 each

“Hubby” Wool Winder and Swift                                                                                         £5.00

Small Wooden Table Swift (suitable for display purposes)                                                 £4.00                                                                                        

Contact: Margaret Knight


Peter Collingwood: Tablet Weaving                                                                               £20.00

Ann Dyer: New Ways with Tablet Weaving or                                                       
“There’s a snag in it somewhere” (Very rare book)                                                       £30.00

Ann Sutton & Pat Holtom: Tablet Weaving                                                                   £10. 00

Margaret Ludlow: Temari – Traditional Japanese Embroidery Technique
(including a started temari ball with bell)                                                                         £5.00

British Wool Marketing Board: Warp and Weft                                                                £2.00

Crafts Council: Ikats – Woven Silks from Central Asia                                                    £3.00

Contact: Margaret Knight